Municipal Water Use

To support the next updates to the Regional Water Plans (scheduled to be completed in 2022), a draft Municipal Water Demand and Wastewater Flow Forecasting Methods Report has been prepared.  This draft report outlines the updated data sources used for this update of statewide forecasts, the methodology for performing the forecasts, the ongoing stakeholder review process, input received to date, and draft forecast results by water planning region.  Unlike past municipal forecasting efforts, County-level details regarding permitted water withdrawals and wastewater facilities are included in the draft report and will be presented to the Councils to inform their planning efforts.

Public comments are welcome on this draft forecast and report through Tuesday, January 19, 2021, and may be emailed to  

Please note that the current Regional Water Plans (2017) were informed by prior forecasts of municipal water demands, which are available under the Technical Information on each Water Planning Region’s website.