Funding Opportunities

Regional Water Planning Seed Grants

The Regional Water Plan Seed Grants are provided each state fiscal year to support and incentivize local governments and other water users as they undertake their Regional Water Plan implementation responsibilities.

Eligible recipients of the Regional Water Plan Seed Grant funds include local, regional and State units of government, local authorities which operate local government service delivery programs, regional commissions, resource conservation and development councils, local school systems, State college and universities, and State agencies.  Project proposals must specifically address implementation of management practice(s) or other recommendation(s) from one or more Regional Water Plans, and applications must include a letter of endorsement from the Council Chair or designated representative of the relevant regional Water Planning Council(s). Links to the Regional Water Plans may be found on this page.

Information regarding the FY23 Regional Water Plan Seed Grant program will be announced and available in July 2022, with applications due in October 2022. 

To inquire about the Seed Grant program, contact Joyce McClain at [email protected] or 470-251-2761.