Meeting Summary: Upper Flint Council April 5, 2016

Meeting Summary

Upper Flint Regional Water Council Meeting South Georgia Tech – Americus, GA

April 5, 2016

Welcome, Introductions, Chairman's Discussion, and Review of Meeting Summary

Upper Flint Council Chair Donald Chase welcomed Council members and observers to the meeting and thanked everyone for their attendance. He remarked on the importance of the Council’s work and offered an invocation. Kristin Rowles (Georgia Water Planning and Policy Center) presented the summary of the September 2015 Council meeting for review. In response to a question from a Council member, Amanda Carroll (Georgia Environmental Finance Authority) provided a brief update on the Aquifer Storage and Recovery project in Baker County, GA.

Following a motion by Dick Morrow and a second by Raines Jordan, the meeting summary from the September 2015 Upper Flint Council meeting was approved by consensus.

Kristin Rowles reviewed the meeting agenda.

Plan Review and Revision Process and Schedule

Kristin Rowles introduced the team for the review and revision of the Council’s regional water plan. The planning consultants for the Council will be from Black & Veatch (Steve Simpson, Robert Osborne) and the Georgia Water Planning and Policy Center (Kristin Rowles, Mark Masters). From GAEPD, Glen Behrend will continue to serve as the Council liaison.

Kristin Rowles provided an overview of the Plan review and revision process. The Council will meet five times over the next 12 months (including today’s meeting) to complete this process. The Council will receive updated water and wastewater forecasts and resource assessments (surface water availability, groundwater availability, and surface water quality) in the next few months. This information, as well as the Council’s vision and goals and public input, will support consideration of revisions to the regional water plan. Kristin’s slides are available upon request.

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