September 01, 2020

Meeting Summary: Middle Chattahoochee Council August 11, 2020

Kristin Rowles (Georgia Water Planning and Policy Center) started the meeting by welcoming everyone.  Steve Davis, Middle Chattahoochee Council Chair, expressed the Council’s appreciation to Danny Johnson for feedback from the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District’s (MNGWPD/District) response to the Council’s comments regarding the proposed plan amendment from the Coweta County Water and Sewerage Authority (CCWSA).  The Council’s comments were submitted to the MNGWPD for consideration in May. The CCWSA proposal will be considered by the MNGWPD Board at its next meeting (August 26). 

Danny Johnson reviewed the Council’s comment letter and summarized the responses of the MNGWPD staff. Regarding the Council’s comments on CCWSA’s septic tank use projections, Danny noted that projections were developed by the MNGWPD and are based on the best available data on the current number of septic tanks.  The CCWSA proposal includes expansion of both septic tanks and increased centralized wastewater treatment.  Steve Davis asked about whether the District evaluates CCWSA’s wastewater conveyance with this proposal, and Danny responded that the District’s plan specifically addresses treatment capacity and not conveyance.

Regarding the Council’s comment in support of return flows and centralized sewer, Danny said that these were also District priorities, but that the District does not have a set policy on septic tanks vs. centralized sewer. 

Regarding the Council’s comment on CCWSA’s per capita water use projections, Danny said that the District thought the methods were reasonable and in line with recent water conservation studies.  Current data for Coweta is estimated at 51 gallons per capita per day (gpcd) plus 10 (gpcd) estimated for irrigation.

Meeting observer Chris Manganiello asked if CCWSA’s amendment request has been revised.  Danny Johnson said that revised materials from CCWSA will be part of the Board packet and will be distributed before the District Board meeting. Steve Simpson (Black and Veatch) asked if any Council members currently plan to attend the District board virtual meeting (August 26) at which the revised CCWSA proposal will be considered.  Danny said that he will send a meeting link to Kristin to distribute to the Council members. 

Danny provided an overview of an upcoming amendment to the District plan from the City of Villa Rica. He noted that this amendment might be of interest to the Council and said that he would keep the Council informed about it. He also provided an overview of the amendment process for the District’s plan and explained the difference between a major and minor amendment.

In advance of the August 26th District Board meeting, the District will prepare a package summarizing the CCWSA proposed amendment and any updates to the proposal along with public comments on the proposal and responses to those comments.  This document will be distributed to the Council members. Additionally, the Council plans to discuss and learn about the expected proposed amendment regarding Villa Rica at its next Council meeting.  Kristin will coordinate this and other topics and discuss scheduling the next council meeting with Council Chair Steve Davis. 


Council Members Attending

Steve Davis

Philip Eidson

James Emery

Bill Heath

Harry Lange

Matt Windom

Representing Georgia Power: John Asbell



Other Attendees

Danny Johnson, MNGWPD

Christine Voudy, GAEPD

Jennifer Welte, GAEPD

Bert Earley, GA Forestry Commission

Davis Ozier, Integrated Science & Engineering, Inc.

Chris Manganiello, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper

Steve Simpson, Black & Veatch

Mark Masters, GWPPC

Kristin Rowles, GWPPC

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