Coosa-North Georgia Regional Water Plan

This Regional Water Plan lays out a roadmap for implementing specific measures designed to promote wise use and management of the Coosa-North Georgia (CNG) Region’s water over the next 40 years. It focuses on five areas: 

  • Administrative—Overarching management practices that benefit multiple categories  

  • Water Conservation—Responsible use of a public resource 

  • Water Supply—Sustainable management of water supplies and systems 

  • Wastewater—Promote properly managed wastewater discharges 

  • Water Quality—Environmental improvements through reduced pollution 

This Plan assesses the Region’s current and future water and wastewater needs and describes 20 management practices that can be implemented through collaboration between local, regional, and state entities. It also presents realistic and measurable benchmarks to track short-term and long-term progress toward implementing these management practices. 

Download the Regional Water Plan