Vision and Goals: Coosa North Georgia


Enhance the potential and quality of life for all communities through sustainable use of water resources in the region and state with partnerships among a broad spectrum of stakeholders.


  1. Plan for appropriate levels of water storage, water sources, and long‐term supply to meet anticipated need for local communities.
  2. Minimize adverse effects to local communities and adjacent regions, and, when possible, enhance natural systems.
  3. Ensure that management practices support economic development and optimize existing water and wastewater infrastructure.
  4. Promote alternative technologies that conserve, return, and recycle water; protect water quality; and ensure adequate capacity for water storage within the Coosa‐North Georgia region.
  5. Promote properly managed wastewater discharges.
  6. Educate stakeholders in the region on the importance of water resources, including water conservation, efficiency, and pollution prevention.
  7. Identify practices that reduce nonpoint source pollution and control stormwater to protect and enhance water quality and ecosystems in lakes and streams, particularly those in Priority Watersheds and listed streams.

Last updated 3/31/2010