Altamaha Implementation

Implementation of the Altamaha Regional Water Plan is carried out largely by the various water users and wastewater utilities in the region. Effective implementation of the Plan will require the availability of sufficient funding in the form of loans and grants. In addition, ongoing coordination and collaboration among stakeholders is crucial for successful implementation. The following provides an overview of some key implementation projects and funding sources within the Altamaha Region:

GEFA Funding Projects

The Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA) provides loans and grants in the region to support wastewater and drinking water related projects. In total $12.8 million in loans have been provided toward clean water programs since 2015; $8.7 million for drinking water programs since 2014, and $4 million for the Georgia Fund since 2014.

319(h) Grant Funding

These grant funds are provided via the Clean Water Act to implement nonpoint source management programs. Watershed Management Plans were completed in September 2018 for the Lower Oconee River and Ochwalkee Creek utilizing this funding source.

Conservation Funds

Loans to the Conservation Fund have been utilized for land acquisitions in the region allowing for the acquisition of the Sansavilla Wildlife Management Area (19,577 acres) and the Bullard Wildlife Management Area (11,000 acres).

Jaycee Landing Project

A strategic vision has been created for development of the Jaycee Landing and bluff area along the Altamaha River in Wayne county. The vision includes additional facilities at the landing as well as an associated Altamaha Nature and History Center. In 2023, the Wayne County Altamaha River & Leisure Services Authority was selected by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to move forward in the approval process to receive grant funding from the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grant program for Phase 2 of the Jaycee Landing Boardwalk project will consist of adding an additional 650 feet to the present boardwalk.

Seed Grants

Regional Water Plan Seed Grants provide competitive funding annually to support and incentivize local governments and other water users as they undertake implementation of the Regional Water Plan. See REGIONAL HIGHLIGHTS for more information.