Vision and Goals: Upper Oconee


"Create a regional plan that focuses on managing water as a critical resource vital to our health, economic, social and environmental well being. Build trusting partnerships with neighboring regions and develop an educated and engaged citizenry that embraces sound water management."


  1. Promote alternatives and technologies that conserve, reuse, return, and recycle water within the Upper Oconee region.
  2. Ensure that management practices balance economic development, recreation, and environmental interests.
  3. Educate stakeholders in the region on the importance of water quality and managing water as a resource including practices such as water conservation and increased water efficiency.
  4. Encourage the development of and accessibility to data and information to guide management decisions.
  5. Identify programs, projects, and educational messages to reduce non-point source pollution to protect water quality in lakes and streams.
  6. Recommend innovative strategies (water, sewer, and/or stormwater) that provide sufficient revenues to maintain a high level of service while promoting water conservation and efficiency.
  7. Identify and plan measures to ensure sustainable, adequate water supply to meet current and predicted long-term population, environmental and economic needs.