Upper Flint Region at a Glance




The Upper Flint Regional Water Plan was first adopted in 2011, and revised plans were adopted in 2017 and 2023. The Plan is the product of the work of the Upper Flint Regional Water Planning Council. The Regional Water Plan outlines strategies to meet water needs through 2060 and fulfill the Council’s vision and goals for the water planning region. Major water resources in the water planning region include the Flint River Basin and the Cretaceous, Clayton, Claiborne, and Upper Floridan Aquifers.

Key Water Resource Issues Being Addressed by the Council

  1. Water demand and supply management to address potential gaps in water availability.
  2. Improvement to the agricultural water withdrawal metering program.
  3. Targeted water quality concerns and increasing public education about water quality.
  4. Coordination with neighboring water planning councils.