Murray County

County Water Plan Information

The Regional Water Plan compares water demand and wastewater flow forecasts, along with Resource Assessments, per county and provides the basis for selecting management practices in the CNG Region. Areas where future demands are predicted to exceed the capacity of the resource for groundwater, surface water availability, or surface water quality (assimilative capacity) have a potential gap, need, or shortage that will be addressed through the management practices described in the Plan. This page summarizes the potential gaps, needs, or shortages, also referred to as water resource management issues, for the county.

Table 5-6 summarizes potential needs or shortages in Murray County and other counties in the Coosa-North Georgia Region.



Figure 5-2 shows surface water quality in Murray County and the surrounding area.



Murray County is predicted to have potential gaps in water quality assimilative capacity. Figure 5-2 shows that a portion of Holly Creek exceeds its assimilative capacity. See Section 5 of the Regional Water Plan for more information on each county's water resource capacities and future needs.

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