Vision and Goals: Coastal Georgia


"The Coastal Georgia Regional Water Planning Council seeks to conserve and manage our water resources in order to sustain and enhance our unique coastal environment and economy of Coastal Georgia."


​The Coastal Council identified eight goals for the region. It is important to note that the goals summarized below are not presented in order of priority, but rather were assigned a number to identify specific goals addressed as part of the water management practice selection process.

  1. Manage and develop high quality water resources to sustainably and reliably meet domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural water needs.
  2. Identify fiscally responsible and implementable opportunities to maximize existing and future supplies including promoting water conservation and reuse.
  3. Optimize existing water and wastewater infrastructure, including identifying opportunities to implement regional water and wastewater facilities.
  4. Protect and maintain regional recreation, ecosystems, and cultural and historic resources that are water dependent to enhance the quality of life of our current and future citizens, and help support tourism and commercial activities.
  5. Identify and utilize best available science and data and apply principles of various scientific disciplines when making water resource management decisions.
  6. Identify opportunities to manage stormwater to improve water quantity and quality, while providing for wise land management, wetland protection, and wildlife sustainability.
  7. Actively outreach to stakeholders to encourage awareness, collaboration and implementation of the regional water plan.
  8. Identify opportunities to prepare for and respond to climate variability and extremes as it relates to water resources and providing resiliency.