Vision and Goals: Middle Ocmulgee


“The Middle Ocmulgee Water Council will work so that our water resource, both surface and subsurface, is of exceptional quality and quantity for the well-being and prosperity of all that will follow. Our plan will consider the resource’s natural integrity, wise conservation, and prudent management for continuing economic development and enhanced quality of life for all.”


  1. Maximize water supply sources to the extent practicable to provide sufficient water supply for the region.
  2. Support the protection of natural stream integrity to enhance ecosystem benefits such as water quality, fish and wildlife, floodplain protection, and recreation.
  3. Promote conservation of and efficient use of water.
  4. Promote properly managed wastewater discharges and beneficial reuse.
  5. Support the reduction of non-point source pollution by advocating for enhanced stormwater management and better land management practices.
  6. Support the comprehensive planning and management of water resources to maintain a healthy economy, ensure a high quality of life, and protect our natural resources.