Coosa-North Georgia Region at a Glance



The Coosa North Georgia Regional Water Plan was first adopted by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division in September 2011, and as required, was updated in 2017 and 2023. The Plan is the product of the work of the Coosa North Georgia Regional Water Planning Council. The Regional Water Plan outlines strategies to meet water needs through 2060 and fulfill the Council’s vision and goals for the region. Major water resources in the region include the Coosa, Tennessee, and Chattahoochee River Basins, and the Crystalline rock and Paleozoic rock aquifers. 

Key Water Resource Issues Being Addressed by the Council

  1. Groundwater resources in the region are generally limited; the majority of the water supply needs are met with surface water sources. 

  2. Regional topography makes it challenging to cost-effectively share water supply resources and infrastructure. 

  3. Water quality concerns in Lake Allatoona, Carters Lake, and Lake Lanier targeted with TMDL Standards. 

  4. Maintaining coordination with neighboring water councils supports effective water resources management by basin. 

  5. A new management practice provides focus on utility administration, including utility finance and asset management. 

  6. Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Management Practices include a focus on emerging contaminants, including PFAS/PFOA monitoring in the Region.