Vision and Goals: Suwanee-Satilla


“The Vision of the Suwannee-Satilla Regional Council is to manage water resources in a sustainable manner under Georgia’s regulated riparian and regulated reasonable use laws to support the state’s and region’s economy, to protect public health and natural resources, and to enhance the quality of life for all citizens; while preserving the private property rights of Georgia’s landowners, and in consideration of the need to enhance resource augmentation and efficiency opportunities.”


The Suwannee-Satilla Council identified 13 goals for the region. It is important to note that the goals summarized below are not presented in order of priority, but rather were assigned a number to identify specific goals addressed as part of the water management practice selection process.

  1. Manage and develop water resources to sustainably and reliably meet domestic, commercial, industrial water needs, and agricultural water needs including all agricultural sectors (this includes the agro forestry economy of the region).
  2. Manage groundwater and surface water to encourage sustainable economic and population growth in the region.
  3. Manage the region’s and state’s water resources in a manner that preserves and protects private property rights.
  4. Ensure an adequate water supply of suitable quality to meet current and future human needs, while protecting environmental resources.
  5. Identify opportunities to optimize existing and future supplies, and water and wastewater infrastructure.
  6. Promote efficient use and management of surface and groundwater resources to allow for sufficient supplies for current and future generations.
  7. Protect and manage surface and groundwater recharge areas to ensure sufficient long-term water supplies for the region.
  8. Protect, maintain, and where appropriate and practicable, identify opportunities to enhance water quality and river base flows.
  9. Protect and maintain regional water-dependent recreational opportunities.
  10. Identify opportunities to manage stormwater to improve water quantity and quality.
  11. Identify and implement cost-effective water management strategies.
  12. Seek to provide economically affordable power and water resource service to all citizens of the region.
  13. Identify and implement actions to better measure and share water use data and information.