Vision and Goals: Savannah-Upper Ogeechee


The Vision for the Savannah-Upper Ogeechee Council is as follows:

"The Savannah and Ogeechee Rivers along with the region’s groundwater resources will provide high quality and quantity water supplies for balanced growth while protecting the natural and built environments. The Savannah – Upper Ogeechee Regional Water Planning Council, through collaboration with stakeholders, will formulate river basin policies based on current and developing technologies and conservation methods. Because of the results of our council and other council’s efforts Georgia will be recognized across the country as the leader in water resource management."


The Goals for the Savannah-Upper Ogeechee Council are:

  1. Plan for sufficient water supplies to support planned economic development and residential, industrial, agricultural, recreational, and utility services in a sustainable manner.
  2. Prohibit interbasin transfers. (Reference: resolution passed by the Council during Meeting 4, November 10, 2009).
  3. Work with EPD to establish ongoing relationships with South Carolina stakeholders and other Water Planning Councils to equitably address water sharing issues.
  4. Work to enhance the public’s understanding of regional water issues and the need for support of new policies to protect future resources.
  5. Identify opportunities for water reuse and conservation in the region.
  6. Maintain and strive to improve the quality and quantity of the water of the region to protect species and habitat while balancing the needs of humans.
  7. Form a permanent Savannah-Upper Ogeechee Water Council as the conduit for bringing together all stakeholders and assisting the State with implementation of water resource goals.