Vision and Goals: Upper Flint


The Upper Flint Regional Water Council adopted the following statement to describe its vision for the future of the planning region’s water resources:

"The Upper Flint Regional Water Council’s purpose is to provide guidance, leadership and education on water resource utilization within the region. Through cooperation among stakeholders, this plan will support sustainable management of the region's water resources, benefit public health and natural ecosystems, support the State's economy, and enhance the quality of life for its citizens."


The Council adopted the following goals to support its vision:

  • Lead the development and implementation of water resource policy in this region and work together with the state and federal government and with the other regional councils to ensure that the welfare and needs of our region are met.
  • Enhance public understanding of water resources and opportunities for input into regional water policy.
  • Maintain and strive to improve the resilience and sustainability of our water resources to protect natural ecosystems and public health.
  • Sustain water resources through the three "C's" - conserving, capturing, and controlling water - to support the needs of all water users in the region (agriculture, utilities, residential, commercial, industry, forestry, and recreation).
  • Sustain the region's aquifers and surface waters and support the economic activities of teh Upper Flint Water Planning Region and the economy of the state of Georgia.
  • Ensure that actions taken by this Council support agriculture and forestry-based economy of this region.

The regional vision and goals were used by the Council to guide the development of this Plan.